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Which field is the two way radio used in?
    Two way radio is mainly used in police, civil aviaton, transportation, water conservancy, railway, manufacture, building, service and so on. It is used to connect and command between members, and improve the ability to solve the accident. Two way radio is used more and more popular in travelling, shopping. What function does the two way radio mainly have?

Take the " Function and Term explaination" for referrenc.
   Why people choose two way radio while the mobilephone is very popular today?
   It's because two way radio has many paticular features compared to mobilephone.
   1¡¢Two way radio is not limited by the internet, it makes the communication easily where there's not covered by internet.
   2¡¢Two way radio supply communication ways of one to one, one to more. When you click, it works. The operation is easy which makes the communication more freedom. Especially at the situation of urgent attemper and cooperation, these features are very improtant.
   3¡¢The charge is low.
   How far is the distance the two way radio works?
   The ordinary distance is 3-5 km, but with the tall building or hill, the distance is shorter correspondingly. When supported by the internet, the distance can reach tens of kms.
   Can the public consumer buy the two way radio?
   The public consumer can buy the two way radio, but people used to apply for the local wireless commission when purchase and use the two way radio, after get the licence and pay the fee for frequency covering, then people can use it. But from Dec. 6th, 2001, our country opened the two way radio market for CB. People no need to transact any procedure when useing CB two way radio with 400MHz, the lanuch capacity less than 0.5 watt.
    Can two way radio dial the phone?
    Under the condition of interne, the two way radio can dial the phone. But for the single radio's odinary communication, it has no function of dialling phone.

    Should people pay for the communication? 
    People no need to pay for the communication with odinary two way radio. No matter how frequently you use, you just pay a few dozen of dollars per unit for the frequency covering. If using the public two way radio, then no need to pay any fee.
    What is public two way radio?
    It means two way radio with launch power less than 0.5 watt, work at the appointed frequency. The wireless launch frequency, power and other radio technological index should reach below's requirement.
    1¡¢work frequency£¨.9000 ; 409.µ¥Î»£ºMHz£©: 409.7500¡¢ 409.7625¡¢ 409.7750¡¢ 409.7875¡¢ 409.8000¡¢ 409.8125¡¢ 409.8250¡¢ 409.8375¡¢ 409.8500¡¢ 409.8625¡¢ 409.8750¡¢ 409.8875¡¢ 4099125¡¢ 409.9250¡¢ 409.9375¡¢ 409.9500¡¢ 409.9625¡¢ 409.9750¡¢409.9875£»
    2¡¢ Modulation type
    3¡¢Valid launch power £¨EIRP£©£º< 0.5W£»
    4¡¢Limit of launch frequency  <+5ppm£»
    5¡¢sundry radiation of transmitter£º<50uW£»
    6¡¢sundry radiation of receiver£º<20nW£»
    7¡¢Channel Spacing£º12.50kHz¡£

Why it has frequency limit while using two way radio?
    To make sure most of the users don't be disturbed while communication and using the frequency reasonable. The wireless commission carves up the frequency, different industry use different frequency. The user should apply to the wireless commission when purchase the two way radio.


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