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   Monitor is one way to accept the weak signal. Click the special key-board to receive the signal. The operater distinguish the weak voice form speaker by ears.

   Scan is one way to receive all the channels. Click the special key-board to receive each channel for a period time with a sequence. If the receiver time for each channel is 100ms, and it can scan 10 chanels each second. It means the scan speed is 10ch/s.

Priority Channel Scan:
   Scan the priority channel which has setted.

Delete/Add Scan Channel:
   Delete or Add one channel to the list of scan.

   When the function is activated, you can start the launch by voice directly without click PTT key-board.

TOT: Time Out Timer
   The function is used to limit the user launch too long at the same channel, and to avoid damage the two way radio for the long time launch.

Battery Save:
   To save the time and extend the waitting time, the two way radio will work between turn on and off if there is no operate in a period. The rate of time between on and off is about 1:4. The two way radio will return normal when receive signal or other operate.

High/Low power:
   The user can choose the high or low power.

Busy Channel Lockout:
   The user is not allowed to launch the signal at busy channel.

   To avoid receiving unnecessary call.

two-TONE/DTMF Choosing calling function:
  Use the 2-TONE or DTMF function to choose the relevant two way radio.

Reverse Frequency:
   Using this function, the transmit and receive frequency interchange, the signal also interchange.

Talk Around:
   Using this function, the transmit frequency become same as receive, transmit signal same as receive.

   When two way radio receive a correct coding call, it will send back a signal.

Emergency Alarm:
    Click the emergency key-board, the two way radio make a alarm with loudest vox or send the setted alarm coding to other two way radio or base station.

Patrol Record:
   When the patrolman reach the patrol place, the two way radio receive the inquire signals sent by patrol logger and start record automatically.

  Using this function to avoid any uncorrect operation.

Battery Indicator:
  Show the capacity of battery.

  Using in night or dark situation to see the LCD and key-board clearly.

   Allow to clone the data to another two way radio which has the same styles.

   Audio means the voice frequency, usually at the range of 300Hz -3400Hz.

carrier wave:
   The carrier of tone, digital signals, and some useful signals. It is easy to transfer he high frequency electromagnetic wave.

   Change the parameter of carrier wave by change one or several parameter of  the modulation signals. Modulation also divided to amplitude modulation, frequency modulation and phase modulation by different control parameter.

Channel and Channel Spacing
   Channel means the frequency value occupy in transmitting. The different value between the neighboring channels called Channel Spacing. The stated channel spacing is 25KHz, 20KHz, 12.5KHz.

   Two-TONE is made up by two audio frequency signal, A Tone and B Tone. Transmit A Tone first, then B Tone. Use 2-TONE to choose the relevant two way radio.

   Five-TONE has the same function as 2-TONE, but has 5 frequency.

CTCSS (Continuous Tone Controlled Squelch System):
   CTCSS also called subaudio frequency, the audio frequency is below 67Hz-250.3Hz, it transfers with the audio signal. Because the frequency range is below the normal audio frequency, CTCSS also called subsudio frequency.

   CDCSS has the same function as CTCSS. The different is that CDCSS opens the mute function depends on the way of digital coding.

   DTMF is made up by high frequency and low frequency units. High frequency units and low frequency units both have 4 frequency. Combine one high frequency signal and one low frequency signal which made a combinatorial signal. A combinatorial signal representate a data. DTMF has 16 codes. Use the DTMF signal to call the relevant two way radio.


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